Sunday, December 29, 2013

Timbs and Knitwear - OOTD

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas (or holiday break) and are looking forward to a great new year! I had a really amazing day with my family and received so many lovely presents, I'm feeling quite spoilt! I went to a spa with my mum and auntie, and also the Harry Potter Studio Tour (the second time ooooh), a cookery course at Jamie's, a trip to the Electric Cinema, and most excitingly, The Book of Morman in London! I'm insanely excited, as I have been completely obsessed with the show ever since we saw it in New York over Easter break.

It's so lovely spending time with the family, especially after being away for four months. It makes you appreciate how much they do for me, and how important a family is. Feeling pretty blessed right now. Now onto the main topic - how perfect are these boots? I mentioned them in passing to my mum at the end of summer, and lo and behold, Santa remembered my love, and what did I find wrapped up under the Christmas tree? My very own Timberlands. They're so warm, but also proper heavy duty. I could probably trek across mountains and deserts in them, and they'd still be perfect.
cardigan - h&m
cami - american eagle
jeans - zara
boots - timberland
necklace - not on the high street

If I were to write a new, similar post to one I wrote earlier this year (which you can find here) these boots would definitely be a headliner! What are your staple footwear items? Let me know in the comments or link me up to them! Happy New Year!


  1. Those boots look toooo cosy xxx

  2. Lol talk about being busy missy. I'm planning on going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour so I'm guessing if you've been twice it muust be fab :) X

  3. Lovely photos! You look so cosy. Hope you had a great Christmas

  4. lovely outfit, and i agree, the boots ARE perfect!
    and you're so pretty, i love your hair!
    just started following you! xx

    beautiful garbage


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