Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Celfies on the beach - OOTD

Happy Easter! So I had a beach day... Yesterday I walked down to Spanish Banks and brought all my studying with me, with the plan to spend the day learning in the sun. I did get some work done, but mainly I spent my time people watching, eating my popsicle and admiring the beautiful sights of Vancouver. Vancouver has the best of all worlds - the city is amazing, we have mountains, parks, and a huge number of beaches! I love Spanish Banks because it's so close to campus, and is generally not as busy as English Bay or Second Beach, or any of the others downtown or closer to Stanley Park.

I have two exams to go, then I'm free for a few days before flying home to England.  I'm not excited to try and pack everything into my bags, but I'm hoping I'll manage, or at least be able to leave some stuff here. Definitely all my winter gear is staying here - I'm assuming that the UK is sunny... Right?
cardigan - urban outfitters
t shirt - brian lichtenberg ebay copy
skort - asos
sunglasses - vintage

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Checks and sandals - OOTD

It's so sunny YAY. Today I hit the beach to do some studying, and stayed almost all day, enjoying the West Coast sun! Excuse the grazes on my knee and foot - I'm still recovering from falling (twice) a couple of weeks ago! However, not even gross grazes and bruises can stop me from wearing shorts when we finally get some sun. In exactly 10 days time, I'll have finished my exams and be frantically packing up all my belongings to go into storage before heading back to England for the summer. We have such a long break, so I don't know what I'll be able to find myself doing!
shirt - monki
shorts - bershka
tank top - jack wills
bikini - miss self ridge
sandals - asos
jewellery and sunglasses - vintage

Another reason I love summer so much is because you can go totally makeup free, and nobody can tell, and if they do, nobody cares! Now all I need is a tan...

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Khaki and loafers - OOTD

Oh it's warm but overcast and I don't know what to do! Hence this outfit... I found these shoes in Urban Outfitters for $20, and I knew that I just had to have them. They're really cute and versatile, so I can wear them with almost any outfit. Classes are finally over, and I start exams on the 15th, so I still have a little bit of downtime before the stress begins...
waistcoat - urban outfitters
vest top - jack wills
bustier - urban outfitters
jeans - zara
shoes - urban outfitters
watch - michael kors

I'm so obsessed with this waistcoat - you can see how I wore it last here! How do you dress for warm/overcast days? Let me know in the comments?

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Shades and stripes - OOTD

It's literally so beautiful outside I cannot even. Cannot even word. Blaaah it's the end of the semester (2 more days to go) and I am so excited for the break! I am definitely not excited about finals etc, but my upcoming a cappella concerts, different parties and times for chilling with my friends are definitely keeping me going.

Weather around Vancouver has been beautiful. I really want to get hold of a GoPro so I can attach it to my head or something as I run, as there are some of the most beautiful views I've ever seen; looking over the ocean, with the city and mountains in the background... #bestthingever.
shirt - urban outfitters
jeans - levi 501s
shoes - urban outfitters
watch - michael kors
sunglasses - vintage

I am so obsessed with these jeans - but they're definitely a spring-only garment. Too cold for winter, and too hot for summer. I've also worn them here and here - let me know your favourites!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Checks and cherry blossoms - OOTD

So it's official. I live in the most beautiful city in the world. Look at these cherry blossoms! They're literally everywhere, and it makes me so happy every time I'm walking from class to class.

We finish classes for the year next Tuesday, so I'm kind of freaking out - first year will be finished! Papers are kind of on track, and I'm not feeling too terrible about my finals so I'm managing to enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts. Unfortunately, my sunglasses which I usually wear broke in my backpack, so I've gone back to these massive bug-eye shades! They're crazy big, but I still love them. What do you think - too much?
shirt - monki
dress - new look
brogues - clarks
watch - michael kors
sunglasses - vintage

I'm so obsessed with this Monki shirt, as it's made from the softest material in the whole world ever ever. I've also worn it here and here - it's perfect for all seasons!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cashmere and florals - OOTD

Long time no post! (Well, it's been a week...) Everything has been super busy - I've been Storming the Wall in the heats and semi-finals of the largest intra-mural event in North America, so it's all been sports gear, which doesn't 100% fit into my blog aesthetic. It was the best fun ever though, and although I am now covered in bruises, it was so worth it. I completed the swimming leg, and we all stormed the wall together at the end. Twice. Yup, we rule.
sweater - hush
shorts - asos
scarf - vintage
boots - topshop
socks - topshop
watch - michael kors

This is one of my favourite jumpers. It's cashmere, so is probably the softest thing I own. I also wore it here recently! Let me know what you think!